Partnership is not a requirement for success. However it is a HUGH part of our business opportuntiy. Two people working together, heading in the same direction, dreaming together, growing together. 

What is Partnership:
Partnership can be many things, it's not just husband and wife, but can any committed partnership. This can be parent & child, sibblings, anyone that is committed to supporting your success.

Partnership Roles:
Partnership can be what you difine it to be. There are partners that get licensed, learn about things, do appointments, field train. Some partners help manage things at the office. Others agree to be supportive and manage things on the home front, allowing the Agent to go out and get things done. It all works, there is no "absolute". It is often the case, that partners juggle everything in the early years with the payoff of total freedom in the later years.

The Benefits;
Primerica recognizes Partnership. Company incentives trips always include Partners, printed recognition will include the name of the Partner. References to your business will include partners. And there is Ownership. 
This is a business where equity can be built, value given to it, so in the future it can be sold or past on.

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Marna Sharpe;
From her 2010 Partner Retreat held at their ranch in Arroyo Grande, CA

Watch this great clip of Mike discussing what is possible and his history...awesome!
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Hector & Jann LaMarque;
Living the Dream
Primerica on Partnership;
From EPN TV, a short clip on Partnership

the Woman Warrior Award
​Presented to the Kan Hierarchy Partner that most exemplifies the charcteristics of a Partner that seemly "DOES IT ALL"...

First Recipient: Sue Younger

Past Partner of the Year Awardees; Phyllis Verzosa, Leita Ovena, Tricia Fox

a Message from Gigi...
Hi Everyone

Well, I thought it time for you to know my story...Well as many of you have heard before, when we started Primerica we were $45K in debt, enjoyed what we did for a living, but the future didn't look good. We were a training appointment for Wayne, the husband of a close friend of mine.  The appointment was scheduled by Mike, and I thought only he was going to sit with Wayne, so I was not prepared to be a part of it. When Wayne and Mark Younger arrived at our house, Mike came to me and told me they insisted that I sit in on the appointment, I was not a happy camper! So we sat through the presentation, I was "half" listening and did not want to do anything - after a bit of convincing, we changed our life insurance, saved $120 a month, started our first mutual fund investment.

Several months later, Mike comes home and tells me Wayne purchased tickets to a Big Event at the L.A. Forum with Art Williams, Primerica's founder. Not really wanting to go, but feeling somewhat obligated to attend, because Wayne purchased the tickets and Mike did not say "NO", we attended. The next thing I know Mike tells me he is going to join the Company, I thought he was "networking" for architecture business, not realizing he actually "JOINED"! I was a bit furious, here we are in debt, broke and he goes off on some "adventure"! Keep in mind back then we had to pay $270 for the IBA, $200 for a class and another $150 for the licensing test - so needless to say; I WAS PISSED! Mike was excited, I was not happy with him, he didn't say much, but he would always bring home positive news about something. 

Then, something started to happen; he started bringing home checks, not big checks, but checks in any case. Around then he asked me to go to the office and meet these people, Rick Susie and Mark & Sue Younger whose office was in Arcadia. Back then, I didn't know where Arcadia was, when I found out - I was not happy it was an hour drive from home and we had to drive there on a Tuesday night, in rush hour traffic, which made the drive more than an hour. That was a really quiet drive - to and from Rick's office.

How I got Involved?
As Mike was being field trained, he scheduled several appointments with mutual friends and he asked if I would go along.I agreed and after several appointments, I started asking questions and making suggestions to Mike - his reply was "Get your own d#%* license, and you do I did. And I was not trained by Mike - I used Mike's field trainer (good thing - could you imagine?)

Well long story short, I was in the field, presenting, closing sales, recruiting, attending all functions - this really help me understand and appreciate what we do for families, support our growing team, and increased the opportunity to earn income. I did this for a little over five years. When we opened our first office, I took charge of developing an administrative system that we still use today. I trained the administrative staff we've had over the years, planned Recognition dinner events. As our Team grew, we decided learn how to host our own events and contests, i.e.; Super Saturday Training and Retreats.

I am no longer in the field, but I do enjoy organizing events and enjoy more the fact that we can hire others to do the things I don't enjoy doing. Along the way, we were advised to hire a nanny for our kids, hire staff for the office, it was tight financially, so we both worked harder to get positive results and it all seemed to work out. Yes, we can tell you stories -  back then it seemed doubtful at times, today we smile.

Is it worth it?
Without a doubt! Mike always had a vision (at least it seemed that way) - and thank goodness his vision was bigger than any negativity thrown his way. We travelled to some of the best places in the world, dined at some of the best restaurants, shopped at stores we only see in magazines. We lived in dream homes, driven very nice cars. Saved money, made money and more. But the best of the best? We have great kids and are able to take care of family needs, both our own family and extended family, we can give to our charities, church and causes generously.

But with all that - the best is; we grew together, we both have witnessed each of our strengths, learned how to support each other when needed. We have the confidence "we can do this"! - We have freedom.

I encourage all partners to get involved in some way, find your role - contribute in a positive manner. We are not special, we are not gifted in any way, we worked at it, took advantage of every opportunity to learn, improve and grow - in other words, we made a lot of mistakes, but learned from them and did not give up on the vision.

You can do it too - It's totally worth it!

​     Gigi

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Women in Primerica;
Women are a Big Part of Primerica's success, learn more.

the Woman Warrior Award
Presented to the Kan Hierarchy Partner that most exemplifies the charcteristics of a Partner that seemly "DOES IT ALL"...

First Recipient: Sue Younger

Partnership of the Year Awardees;

Phyllis Verzosa, Leita Ovena, Tricia Fox

"A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself."

Joseph Campbell 
“Fail often so you can succeed sooner.”

Tom Kelley, Ideo partner 
Mike discusses the value of Partnership