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Primerica Leaders
The videos and audios list help us understand, develop and grow - these are highly reccomended
Understand the Primerica Business Model & Self Improvement
How to Stay Focused in an Unfocused World,
1991 Super Saturday; Building a Big Base Shop
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Primerica Leaders
Understanding the business model material.& Self Improvement
John Maxwell:
21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
John Maxwell:
5 Levels of Leadership
John Maxwell:
Failing Forward
​Jim Rohn 
Living An Exceptional Life 
​Jim Rohn 
​Jim Rohn 
How Not to be Broke, Stupid, Sick & Ugly
Art Williams
"Do It" - A Classic!
Art Williams
All You Can Do Is All You Can Do
Rick Susie
Art Williams Website
Art Williams
Art Williams
"On Winning"
Art Williams
The Legend of Art Williams
Art Williams
Counter Thinker, Self-made Billionaire Art Williams
​Jim Rohn 
Building Your Network Marketing Business
The E-Myth: by Michael Gerber
A great watch! In this classic vintage video, EMyth Author and Founder Michael E. Gerber breaks down the cornerstone perspectives necessary to transform any small business from a job for the owner - into a system that works without them. These 40 minutes can, and should, change your life
Primerica Online
Mike & Gigi Kan
Listen to their story and their advise on getting started in Primerica
Click on their photo to listen
Tell me and I'll forget. Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin
Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

John F Kennedy
Daryl & Connie Hawes
Daryl Hawes discusses the S.T.E.A.M. method of interview for referrals
The difference between winning and losing is so small, it's ridiculous...

Art Williams
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Mike Tuttle
Building Relationships
Art Williams
Coach, The AL Williams Story, Part 1 - Interview with Art Williams & the history of Primerica - A MUST WATCH!
Art Williams
Coach, The AL Williams Story, Part 2
Greg Amerman: 
the BIG SHOW (part 1)
Great lessons from a memorable video
Greg Amerman: 
the BIG SHOW (part 2)

Mike Sharpe Library;
a collection of Audio-Videos 
LaMarque Library; 
Collection of Hector's lessons on success
plus audio & video material 

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Bill Orender; On Replacement;
Bill Orender discusses the theory of REPLACEMENT
Angela Williams
Living a Magical Life
Rick Susie RVP Meeting discusses Retreats/Big Events
Rick Susie RVP Meeting discusses winning Company trips
Rick Susie Manager Meeting May 1995
MICHAEL JORDON; Interview with Amad Rashad; Michael talks of his career, great tips about WINNING & being the BEST
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